David Vedvick


Open Source 2023 Notes

Inside ChatGPT

  • Lab651 and Recursive Awesome, Captovation - AI Solutions Development
  • Applied AI - 501c3 organization

GPT Releases

  • Version 1 - 117M parameters
  • Version 2 - 1.5B parameters
  • Version 3 - 175B parameters
  • Version 4 - 1T+ parameters

Wolfram One

  • Cloud/desktop hybrid, integrated computation platform
  • Similar to Jupyter notebooks
  • Lets you play around with GPT models (older than v3 and v4)


  • Always using the next highest probability word isn't always the best... using a "temperature" parameter, the model can be tweaked to sometimes choose words that aren't quite the highest probablity, leading to fewer run-on sentences.

  • Attention - when the model picks up on a higher probability and begins to focus in on it

  • Embeddings - training model on relationships between words (word pairs in a sense)

    • Example: Munich - Berlin + France => Paris
    • This can also be done for sequences of words and whole blocks of text
  • ChatGPT has learned syntactic grammar using embedding techniques

    • When determing a sequence of words, it essentially follows a random walk through the syntactic grammar
  • Wolfram can break down the structure

  • OpenAI playground: https://platform.openai.com/playground

  • "How would you create a neural network model that would rule the world? Please write it out in small, specific steps."

Stable Diffusion

  • "Speaking plainly" to computers -isn't this programming?
  • Hannah Loegering - @fractalorange
  • Open Source AI:
    • Deforum (Video, Image)
    • Automatic1111/stale-diffusion-webai
    • Langchain
    • Simulacra and Simulation
    • GPT4All Chat (text)
    • Flowise/langchainJA-ui
  • @secondsightvisuals
  • Music is a 4-dimensional dataspace
  • Replicate - lucid sonic dreams, takes a source and produces an infinite sequence
  • phygital+ - create 3d-printed models
  • Can download stale diffusion and run locally
  • Midjourney runs over discord?
  • Luma AI - create 3D scenes and scan from 2D video
  • Kaiber - super easy AI animation
  • Wonder Dynamics - 3D character repalcement in 2D video
  • Deep Motion - 3D character rigging from 2D video
  • Runway ML - Full suite of video tools including their Gen1 and Gen2
  • Blockade Labs: text to 360 image
  • Simulacra - build 3D assets

Role of Generative AI in Healthcare

  • CTO of Virtuwell (Telehealth)
  • Virtuwell is not-for-profit?!

Care Delivery

  • Diagnosis prediction
  • Support clinicians by providing relevant medical info
  • Personalized health and wellness advice to individuals


  • Personalized medicine: Forecast outcomes via patterns
  • Drug Discovery: identify possible new meds and predict compounds likely to be effective

Health Plan

  • Organize unstructured medical data

Virtuwell AI initiatives

  • Reduce over/under staffing by predicting the future
  • Predict surge traffic to website
  • Analyze patient data for systematic follow ups
  • Funneling relevant medical records
  • At-home kit for colon cancer screening and STI

Healthcare Companies in AI

  • Optellum: rules out harmless cases of lng canver via scans.
  • Ultromics: increases diagnostic accuracy of coronary heart disease from 80% to 94%
  • IDx-DR (now Digital Diagnostics): correctly identifies diabetic retinopathy by 87.4% (8% better than industry standard)
  • Beyond Verbal: Detecting Coronary Artery Disease by listening to voice

Future of Generative AI

  • If you are a large enterprise, you need to train your own LLM


  • Information / Technology impedance
    • Programmers making wrong asusmptions based on limited informaiton
    • Tribal knowledge lost over time and developer turnover
    • Lack of documentation
      • Code not self-documenting
      • Unreadable unit tests
      • Distance between code and documentation (documentation is on a remote server away from source)
  • Self-inflicted complexity
    • Ineffective bootstrapping: programmers bringing in their own toolsets instead of assessing what tools are best for their projets
    • Programmers building their own frameworks
      • Overfitting
    • Bug-fixes / rework
      • Bandaging code quickly instead of reworking code complexity
  • Under-engineering: act of explicitly engineering in a simplistic manner
  • Architecture should be as simple as possible
  • Developer documentation should be simple and accessible (developers should have their own set of documentation)
  • Coding should be simple, readable, and maintainable

Reduce Complexity

  • Find the most confusing concepts o fthe codebase
  • Document Confusion
  • Unit tests should be your guide on refactors
    • Unit tests should be user friendly
  • Reverse code entropy - deleting code??
  • Identify:
    • Challenging developer cadences
    • confusing folder structures
    • Hard-to-read / hard-to-write code
    • Bad model or variable names
  • Put documentation next to code
  • Design for NOW, but with the future in mind
  • Ask what-if, but don't design for what-if in order to ensure you don't box yourself out
  • Push back on product feature work
  • Use 90% rule for generic/inheritance patterns
  • Provide code samples
  • Write comments first? (why not write unit tests first? :P)

IOT Eventing

General Workflow

Devices -> Event Ingestion -> Event Matching -> Event Delivery -> Event Actions -> Back to Device(s)

Design Constraint: Event Volume

  • Devices/Locations = 100
  • Max Events per Device: 10 events/s
  • SLO: < 1s response time from client controllers to devices

Evolution of Eventing

  • 2011 - Monolithic, event-based architecture built around RabbitMQ
  • 2013 - Monolith + sharding
  • 2015 - Microservices: strong REST principles instead of Event Oriented Architecture, using Kafka instead of RabbitMQ
  • 2015-2019 - Event pipeline: Kafka, Amazon EC2, SQS, oh my...
  • 2019-current: one suscription system instead of a subscription per device type
    • Move to a stateful subscription model
    • One users events will always go through the same box
    • Makes latency stable
  • Breaking down and logically dividing up work wihtin a system is critical

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