David Vedvick

It's been coded

Hi! Thanks for visiting my little site about, well, me.

I am a software professional who has been in the industry since 2010 as a full-stack software engineer, developing everything from C# ASP.net MVC applications, to WinForms click-once applications, to maintaining and improving old applications written in Delphi.

On the side, I have multiple hobby projects, including my personal website (which is right here) written in ReactJS (running on a NodeJS server) and an audio playback application for Android that streams music from your home PC. You can learn more about those on the side projects page. I guess you could say that I just really love software development and learning about new (and old!) ways of doing things in this industry.

Regardless of the software product or the platform, my focus has always been on producing valuable, reliable software, through techniques such as test-driven development, pair programming, and automated acceptance testing. I always enjoy the opportunity to design solutions to difficult problems while working and learning with others to deliver the quality software needed to take businesses and organizations to the next level.