David Vedvick


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David Vedvick - Computer Engineer

Senior software developer with broad, deep experience delivering reliable and valuable software through customer collaboration and a focus on best practices.

Technical Skills

C#, .Net Framework/Core, ASP.Net, Test-Driven Development, Javascript, Docker, ReactJS, MVC, Entity Framework, Java, Android, Powershell, XAML, Delphi, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Linux, Ubuntu/Debian, Windows (Server 2008, 2012, 2016, Core, 7, 10)


ProtoLabs July 2015 – Present

Software Technical Lead March 2019 – Present

  1. Team lead supporting Protolab's pricing changes for E-Commerce platform re-launch
    1. Migrating pricing engine from .Net framework to .Net Core and Docker
    2. Making substantial changes to pricing engine to support both new and existing E-Commerce platform
    3. Multi-service level offering adapted to offer many pricing configurations on the same quote
  2. Helps product management develop future pricing product enhancements
  3. Contributes to software best practice efforts within company

Senior Software Engineer April 2016 – March 2019

  1. Senior Developer implementing a custom built pricing engine for the company's Injection Molding offering
  2. Developed from the ground up utilizing industry best practices in test-driven development, pair programming, and automated acceptance testing
    1. System replaced earlier pricing engine within a monolithic code base
    2. Re-written from scratch over the course of 1 and 1/2 years
    3. Went live with no defects nor changes in quoted prices, while giving product management more flexibility with pricing new quotes
    4. Multi-level Injection Molding pricing offering was quickly added after initial pricing launch

Software Engineer July 2015 – April 2016

  1. Supported existing Protolabs software
  2. Joined Protolabs' pricing team to help with effort to write a new pricing engine for Protolabs' Injection Molding service

Rosemount (Emerson Process Management) June 2014 – June 2015

Software Engineer

  1. Introduced code reviews to supervisor to improve code quality and spread knowledge of changes
  2. Re-established the use of development and release branches to enable more responsive development from the team
  3. Maintained a Silverlight Line-of-Business application for creating and tracking test jobs using entity framework and a RIA services back-end
    1. Converted usage of a single shared connection across View Models to properly scoped database connections, eliminating possibility of different entities overwriting each other's data
    2. Switched from use of a full database for unit testing to using MOQ, improving speed and reproducibility of bugs discovered in unit testing

QuadraMed March 2012 – June 2014

Software Engineer

  1. Maintained a Hospital scheduling application with 20 years of history, used by dozens of hospitals
  2. Modified the processing model of a faxing application written in C# to better support multi-threading
  3. Developed a new model for grouping appointments together into associated procedures
  4. Ported old DLL plug-in to be in the actual client program and utilize the web service
    1. Wrote a wrapper around the automatically generated Delphi web service client to enable easy client configuration and instantiation
  5. Ported an e-mail appointment reminder service from a MAPI-based Delphi client to use POP3 and SMTP using C#
    1. Added support for automatically attaching vCal’s so that the appointment could be added to a patient’s calendar program (such as Outlook or Gmail)
  6. Built a tool for searching Crystal Reports
    1. Supported Regular Expression searches as well as normal text searches

Meridian Technologies January 2010 – March 2012

Software Developer/Consultant

Wells Fargo Custom Docs

  1. Developer on an ASP.Net project that generated custom Loan Agreements based on information about the borrower and Lender.
  2. Mapped Loan Agreement templates with conditions in Excel, wrote C# command line utility to load documents using the SQL and Excel COM object libraries into the database.
  3. Developed with a team the site for the Loan Administrator to enter in information that fed into the documents
  4. Developed a rendering engine for the Loan Agreements; was fully conditional and logically complete, and fields from the UI could feed into the Loan Agreement.
  5. Rendered Loan Agreements were then editable in a WYSIWYG editor and printable to PDF.
  6. Numerous improvements were made in the iTextSharp source code to improve compatibility with the HTML specifications.


Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering; North Dakota State University (December 2009)

Online Portfolio


NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (November 2009)