David Vedvick

It's been coded

Hi! Thanks for visiting my little site about, well, me.

I'm a full-stack software engineer with 5 years of experience in the industry developing everything from C# ASP.net applications to WinForms click-once applications to maintaining and improving old Delphi applications.

On the side I pursue multiple hobby projects, including a site where you tell me what kind of computer you want and I give you a delicious recipe to build it, to an audio playback application for Android that streams music from your home PC (or server, if you have a dedicated one). You can learn more about those on the side projects page. I guess you could say that I just really love programming and learning about new (and old!) ways of doing things.

In that mold, this site itself was built using the extremely fun combination of ReactJS and NodeJS (along with SASS for the highly sophisticated styling), using statically rendered views on every page except for the notes page, which implements a quick hacky infinite scroll thing that I threw together in a day, and thus uses a combination of ReactJS rendered server-side and client-side. You can view and fork all the gory details on GitHub.